2 Battery Pro – Battery Saver Mod Apk Download

2 Battery Pro – Battery Saver Mod Apk Download

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2 Battery pro: Sometimes our battery runs out too quickly then we want to charge it again. Which is a very useless way. So Today Keep this problem in mind. I came up with its solution. I will give you an apk today which helps you to save your battery power. Whose name is 2 battery pro battery saver mod apk? 

That app I give you today that assistance to save your battery life. Which is more extend your battery? If you are a traveler so this is more profitable for you. So read this full article carefully. 2 battery pro batter saver apk download

2 battery saver apk has crossed more than 10millions download on play store with 4.7 + star rating. You can guess from this is the best battery saver app for Android. 

What is 2 battery pro battery saver apk

So this is an Android application that helps you to save your battery energy. It extends your battery and saves your battery power. This app is auto optimized the power of your battery. 

That app has many features. When you put the phone on charge its shows you real-time battery percent power and optimizes your mobile to charge fast. But that app is paid but don’t worry I bought this app for you. You are easy to download this app from this article.  

That app is to clean your mobile junk files automatically. If sometimes some apk run background auto this app stops that and safe battery for running out. 2 battery mod apk has more features that have the boost your mobile for fast performance. 

Details of 2 Battery Pro – Battery Saver

2 battery pro batter saver apk download

Apk Name 2 Battery – Battery Saver
Size 5.4M
Last Update 2020
Version 3.51
Developer Sam Lu

Features of 2 battery apk battery saver pro apk

Manage internet connection

Trust me I love this feature because sometimes I forget to turn off my internet connection but that app helps me to turn off auto my 3G,4G data connection. 

This feature works like when you are not using the internet or not running any app that thinks user os forget to turn off the internet. So that app features understand that process and turn off your internet and turn off the background running app.

Support Night Mode

If you are night user of your mobile so that the app is really good for you. That app has a night mode that has also protect your eyes for damage throw the mobile screen light or brightness,

This decreases your mobile brightness for the people using it. This feature also saves your battery life for a long time method. 

Auto turn off the screen

Yes if you put down your mobile in your pocket and table. So it detects it and turns its own screen automatically.


Sometimes we use mobile without taking the reset and forget to stop it and put on charging so that the app gives you warning notification for own low battery power.

Low power mode 

Sometimes our battery is almost deep but we want to use it just of calling and messaging. So that app gives you low power mode. That features stop all apps and allow only some important apps like calling and messaging. 

That means it exists to extend your battery for long time usage. And help you to stop running out too quickly.

Download 2 Battery – Battery Saver

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How to download and install 2 Battery pro apk

After you download 2 Battery Saver Mod APK on your device

  1. First, go to device storage where you save that apk and click that app.
  2. If there you see a settings button and asking for Unknown Sources Install permission, click on it. Then give access. If you are already done it so it’s not ask you for that
  3. you can install the Apk on your device.
  4. now enjoy

Screenshot And Vidoe 2 Battery – Battery Saver

2 Battery Pro - Battery Saver Mod Apk Download 2 Battery Pro - Battery Saver Mod Apk Download 2 Battery Pro - Battery Saver Mod Apk Download 2 Battery Pro - Battery Saver Mod Apk Download


What is battery saver?

When you enable Battery Saver mode your battery is extended

What is the best battery saver app?

Du Battery saver. GSam Battery Monitor. Servicely. 2 Battery - Battery Saver

Public Review

Mitvinder Singh

Works beautifully. I am seeing battery life of almost 3 days on a single 100% charge. Bought pro version and set 20 min interval on day mode and 45 min interval on night mode. Everyone should have it. My battery is 3060 mah and goes 3 days on it. Imagine life on 4000 mah and bigger batteries. Must hit 5 days probably. It’s my must-have app now along with lmt launcher 3.1. I suggest a little bit of visual beautification of UI and more advertising.

Shaswat Poriya

Very very nice experience with this app because it’s really awesome When I install it on my Samsung galaxy j7prime I found a really big battery life App was run fastly It gives a long battery life within 3 days I charged my mobile until 100% Then I use this application It really working I really surprise that this app has little MB but work great

James Keremeos

Not sure what the app really does except switch out my mobile network in Day Mode, not even able to make a call or send SMS and noticed my battery to drain faster. Disappointed as I paid for an ad-free version.


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