Anger of stick 5: zombie v1.1.16 game download (mod+premium)

Anger of stick 5: zombie v1.1.16 game download (mod+premium)

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Anger of stick 5: zombie – This is an action game. All of which is clear by the name of Anger of stick 5: zombie, which shows that it is a zombie game.

In this game you also get to see very good 3d graphics which make this game better. This game is a fighting game in which you have a team that fights and kills zombies. In this, you get to see a lot of guns and swords for fighting. Which is open automatically on every level, Pilhal itself is locked, but when you slowly move in the level of the game, you get to see a lot of new guns and swords in it. So that you can kill your enemies. In this, your enemies are in the form of zombies.People like this game very much. He likes it very much in his free time. In this game, you can enjoy this game either by selecting the human player or by selecting the player of then zombie. However, all the people whose comments have come, say that in this game, they like to play zombie players very much.

What is the Anger of stick 5: zombie ?

The game was launched by the developer on 8 June 2016 among the users. The game was offered by NISM. This is the best action game in the world, which people are very fond of. In this, you also get to see very good 3d graphics. Which makes the user very fun to play this game. In this game some humans are experimented with so that they turn into human zombies.

Anger of stick 5: zombie

In this game we have to eliminate those infected zombies or else they can also make them zombie by infecting the people, so in this we can play it in two turns.One can play in a human twist and a zombie turn. There are also many Weapons in it, which become complete when the level is complete, then those Weapons keep opening themselves. In this, swords are also seen in the form of Weapon. So far this game has been downloaded by more than 100M people and its rating is also higher than 4.7. From which you can get an idea how popular this game is among the users.

If you have to take its premium version, then it gets from 80 to 4700 ₹, but we are providing you the premium version for free on this site. You too can play this game and enjoy its graphics and new Weapons. 

Let us know about its very fun features below.

Details of Anger of stick 5

name Anger Of Stick 5 Zombie
Required 4.0+
Update 2020
Developer YO

Features of Anger of stick 5

3D graphics

In this game you get to see 3D graphics so that you will be able to see all the things available in it in 3D view. This gives the game a realistic view. In playing this game in 3D graphics a lot of users Will enjoy it.

Buy weapons & upgrade

In this game you can also buy many weapons and level up and unlock these weapons. The game has a total of 164 weapons with guns and swords. In this game, you get to see a cartoon version of the weapons in real life. You can kill your enemies with these weapons.

Use helicopter & machine guns

In this game you also get to see a helicopter. A machine gun is also seen with him, due to which the player feels very good in playing this game. The helicopter also remains locked in the beginning, you can unlock it by leveling up later.

Premium features of Anger of stick 5: zombie

In the premium version of this game you do not see any ads or advertisements in this game. Many people know this problem. If he plays the game, he gets to see a lot of ads in between. But we are giving you a premium version of this game, in which you will not get to see any ads.

Download of Anger of stick 5: zombie

[dlm_captcha id=”650″]

How to download and install

After you download Anger Of Stick 5 Zombie Mod APK on your device

  1. Open the internal storage and then Download the folder. Find the file you just downloaded from the browser. Click on the .apk file or try to open.
  2. If there you see a settings button and asking for Unknown Sources Install permission, click on it. Then give access.
  3. you can install the Apk on your device.
  4. enjoy

My personal experience with Anger of stick 5: zombie

I enjoy this game a lot in my free time. I have been using this game for 2 months. And I also like to play this game, 3d graphics in this game also give a very good look to this game, in which helicopter and machine gun are very good. They are very fun to use.

Download and install Anger of stick 5: zombie

First of all, to download this game, click on the download button below, this will start downloading this app on your phone.


1.Open the folder where its downloaded game apk file is saved. 


2.Then click on the game apk file provided. Then click on the option with an unknown source. 


3.After that you install it by clicking on the apk file in your phone.

4.Enjoy your game.

Screenshot of Anger of stick 5: zombie

Anger of stick 5: zombie

People think about Anger of stick 5: zombie


UnholyMountainGoat Pisswig

The game is awesome but I would like if you give the axe dude a sword instead and add a down button for the helicopter. Again, the game is great, it’s pretty much all I play. Oh and please add multiplayer but it doesn’t really matter cuz I got my dudes. The game is amazing!!!

Michelle Aguas

Its AMAZING I LOVE IT but I only have 2 complaints They guy with the axe should really be given a sword cos hell do much more damage with the sword than the axe and also replace the pistol with a cooler weapon like a bow and arrow it would much cooler if you made those changes Otherwise I give it 5*…

jonathan vazquez

It’s super fun but I think the money for the friends is too expensive I haven’t even got it yet and I’ve been playing for 15 days not straight the one that cost 3000 and haven’t got it yet and that’s the first one

Last word

Today we learned about a very interesting game and you can download this game from the link given above. Our team will keep bringing such fun games for you. Which you can play in your free time. 

You share this game and article with your friends and family members and support our website. If you have any complaints related to this game, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below.

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