How To Download Pokemon Go APK File ?

How To Download Pokemon Go APK File ?

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How To Download Pokemon Go APK?  – In today’s time, many young children like to watch cartoons. Pokemon is considered a favorite character in this cartoon. In view of this, many game developing companies started making games related to Pokemon. If you also like to play Pokemon related games then you must know about Pokemon Go. If you do not know about this game, then in this article we will tell you what is Pokemon Go Game? How to Download Pokemon Go APK?

What Is Pokemon Go Game?

Pokemon Go Game is specially developed for kids and it is also approved by the teachers of Google Play Store. That is, even young children can play it. This is not going to affect their mental state. So far more than 10 crore people have downloaded this game from Google Play Store. More than one crore people together have given it a great rating of 4.1. This game is becoming more and more popular day by day among young children.

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There is a lot of craze among children from an early age to play games related to cartoons. You must have often seen that young children of your homes would like to watch cartoon programs more in TV. At present, many children like to play games because they also learn to operate a smartphone at an early age. The biggest reason for this is that the people around them i.e. their parents or elder siblings often use this smartphone, seeing that they learn to use the smartphone.

Pokemon Go Features:

Amazing Graphics: The graphics of this game are so great that it really makes you feel like connecting with Pokemon. In this you can control Pokemon very easily. Its stunning graphics make a good impression on the mind of the kids and show them good visuals.

Better For 9-12 Years Age Group: This game is considered to be good for 9 to 12 year olds. It has been considered good for children of this age group by the experts of Google Play Store.

Single Player: This is a single player game. That is, this game cannot be played in multiplayer mode. You can easily control Pokemon characters and defeat your opponents. All the opponents you will find in this will be computer based.

Action & Adventure: If you want to give your kids a game that doesn’t have any negative impact on their mind while enjoying action and adventure, then Pokemon Go game is a great option.

2GB RAM+ Device & Android 6.0 Required: If you want to play this game well then your smartphone should be with 2GB RAM. Apart from this, you must use a device with an operating system higher than Android 6.0.

Internet Connection Required: If you want to play this game well then internet connection is very important for this. You can get internet connection through your mobile network or wifi and play this game well.

How to Download Pokemon Go APK?

If you want to download Pokemon Go, then for this you have to go to Google Play Store and search for it. After this, by clicking on the Install button, it has to be installed in your smartphone.

1. Apart from this, if you want to download Pokemon Go APK, then click on the link given below for this.

Click Here To Download Pokemon Go APK

2. After the APK file is downloaded, first go to the Download Folder and click on this file.

3. After this the Install button will appear on your screen, click on it.

4. After clicking on the Install button, an option to enable Install Unknown Sources will appear on your screen. Enable this option by clicking on its toggle.

5. After this, come back by pressing the back button and click on the Install button. After this Pokemon Go will start installing on your smartphone.

6. After that you can play Pokemon Go Game and enjoy it.

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