Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk Download

Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk Download

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Internet Speed Meter apk: sometimes we want to track our internet speed but we don’t know how to Track or check Internet speed in our mobile. But today I am back with Pro Apk of internet speed meter for android. This apk helps you to Trace your internet usage with speed and many futures. 

In the future, we will talk more features of Internet speed meter pro apk. Without wasting our time let’s go on our article. 

What is Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk

The Internet speed meter is a tool that track your internet speed with data usage and show you download and upload speed in your status bar. 

Internet speed meter mod apk

Sometimes we use the internet with wifi or broadband and some internet speed test of meter not showing you the real-time usage but that mod apk I give you by this article its also show you wifi usage of the Internet. 

The internet speed meter lite apk have many ads and not a custom theme. But the Internet speed meter pro apk has many themes. This js ads-free apk with the best theme and awesome layout.

Details Of Internet Speed Meter

Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk Download

Apk Name Internet Speed Meter
Size 2.0 MB
Update June 2020
Required 4.0+
Developer DynamicApps


Features of lite Internet speed meter apk

Realtime speed

As I told you above that this will show you real-time of internet speed with download and upload usage. Its clear show you in your mobile status bar. 

Its can also show your daily internet usage like download and upload in the notification bar. 

Separate stats

You can also check your separate stats like wifi usage and mobile data usage in the notification bar. 

last 30 days stats

Some apps only allow you to track daily usage but this internet speed meter shows your stats of last 30 days with separate wifi or data usage.

Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk

Features of Pro Internet speed meter apk

Notification Dialog

You can monitor your data use by the graph in pro apk of an Internet speed meter. Its help you to track your internet speed.

Themes support

Some people love the dark theme in mobile but they don’t use it in lite apk but this pro apk you change your theme in lite or dark both which you want to use. 

Blue status bar icon

Yes, you can also customize your icon of this app easily but it is only of KitKat and above user. If your mobile is below so maybe it does not work.

Download Internet Speed Meter Pro Apk

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How to download and install

After you download internet speed meter pro apk on your device

  1. Open the internal storage and then Download the folder. Find the file you just downloaded from the browser. Click on the .apk file or try to open.
  2. If there you see a settings button and asking for Unknown Sources Install permission, click on it. Then give access.
  3. you can install the Apk on your device.
  4. enjoy

My personal experience With Internet Speed Meter Apk

I am happy to share your experience. I want to track my usage but I can’t find the best app for this. Some days ago I found this app. I use it for 1 2 months for testing. You won’t trust me Its give me the best result. 

This app always shows you real-time usage of the internet of download and upload speed. 

Public Comments

Fried Cheeseee

The best damn app I could ever have. I used it on all my devices, it’s super great. But the reason I gave 4 stars, is because it doesn’t work on my new phone, it only shows the blue icon. It’s probably because my phone wants me to use the system default, or is it something with the app? Can I get a answer from devs?

Lakshmi Bollina

It is a nice app for seeing the speed of internet connectivity in mobiles like Samsung and Asus. Thankyou very much for creating such app. But my suggestion as an additional feature, give the call recording option too, for reducing the load on the phone by downloading other apps on this purpose.


First app I always install. But please fix 2 things – over vpn double speed is shown ! – last updates messed notification priority. Often it disappears from status bar. Seems it has lower priority than other apps. It should be top priority. Before updates it was always first in my status bar. Android 9 on Google One.

Last word

Hope you love Internet speed meter apk if you enjoy this article please share this article with your friends to increase your friend’s knowledge of these apps. 


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