NOKA Mod Apk v 1.1.51 (Premium + Unlocked Subscription)

NOKA Mod Apk v 1.1.51 (Premium + Unlocked Subscription)

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Noka Mod Apk: If you do not have any friends in your real life and you want to make friends with someone, then this article of our day is for you.  In which you can create your new friends using this apk called Noka Mod apk.


Now as this lockdown is going on, at this time people are alone in the house and they are unable to meet any of their friends or there is more talk, then you can use our app to video chat with your friends as long as possible.  Till you want to do it, you will not get to see the limit Noka mod apk became very popular in a very short time.

By the way, there are many chat apps available on Playstore as well, through which you can talk multiple times through video calls and voice calls and chats.  But you will like the features of Noka Premium apk and instead of aps.You can also do online dating through this app.


Today, this is the name of our maker of Noka Premium Subscription apk Rahul Aggarwal He uploaded this Noka mod apk on Google Playstore on 4 March 2020.After this, its download increased very quickly and so far more than 1M people have downloaded this apk. And it has also received a very good rating of 4.1 stars on PlayStore. Which is very good.

We always think that there was an app through which we could create many new friends with whom we could share every movement of our life. So through Noka mod apk you can make new friends. With whom you will be able to share every movement of your life. Anyway, one such thing is definitely in everyone’s life, so that you can share all your things, if you do not yet have someone with whom you share your things, then download this Noka Premium apk and your new friends Make it.

Although in today’s time you will get many online chatting and video calling apps on PlayStore, noka mod apk has created its own place on PlayStore.

Through this, many people are still doing video chatting and voice chatting with people from all over the world. It’s one special thing is that you can talk to people of any country. If you do not know their language then if you do not, then there are many such apps available on playstore which help you to chat. In the Noka Premium app, you also get to select many languages. And you can login or register in it very easily.

Key features of Noka apk

Till now we have given you some information about this app, now we will know about its key features. So let’s start without any problems.

Easy to register

In this app, you can register in it very easily without any problem and in this, you can login through Google, facebook and your mobile number.  Developer has made its login and register interface so that it can come in the users’ domain. That users could not experience any problem in registering.

Chat with world wide friends

Through this, you can talk to the people of your country, apart from this you can talk to the people of the whole earth, even if it is a person of any country, just for that you need to know the language of that country in the Noka Premium app.  Many languages ​​are also available to be selected. Which shows how many countries this app runs.

Privacy protection 

In this, you also get privacy protection through which you can apply privacy on your profile so that only you or your friends can see it.  And you can also apply privacy in the settings of your profiles, as if you just have to chat with your friends or you can see a lot of such privacy in it.

Mod-key Features of Noka premium apk

Till now we have talked about its feature, now we will know about the mod features of this app.

Unlocks all settings free

You must be aware that there are many such apps or it should be said that all the aps have such settings for which we have to spend some money to do them.  So such settings are also available in Noka Premium apk, which you can pad to spend some money to do it. But you get to see those settings in its mod version absolutely free. For which no money has to be spent.  Its mod version is available on our site.

No ads

In Noka mod apk, you do not get to see any ads or advertisement of any product, you will notice that whenever you are chatting with someone, ads come on your screen repeatedly and cause them to disturb you. Pernisc is a solution that you download only the mod version of it, in which you do not show any of its ads.

Public Comments

Dinesh Kartik

I just started using this app and this is my experience. The app is a fantastic option for privacy and security. But with some sacrifices to be made. The biggest flaws as user experience is the group message setting 🙁 I can’t even name my group family only because they don’t have signal❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️


Mritunjoy Mandal

Whan an osm application it is and very helpful for every human being !NOKA Lite allows you to chat global friends and share your life with them.just i love this application very much and i am satisfied to use this application


Farida cuty

Finally I got something what I was looking for. Yes read my review & go for it. This app wont disappoint you. Price and also there does best thing is you won’t feel loneliness & can fulfill your fantasy all together. A BIG FIVE STAR


My personal experience with Noka Premium apk

I like this app very much because through it, many new friends have been made with whom I share all my things.  I have been using this app for the last one month. It is very easy to use karma, while using it, I have not yet felt that there is any problem in it or there is some such problem in it that I do not use it.  By the way, I am using many apps but I like to use this app the most.

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