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Okey Rummy APK | Okey Rummy App | Best Earning App 2022 : Hello friends how are you all? I hope you all are completely healthy. Friends, today we are going to give you information about a very latest teen Patti game in this article. The name of this latest teen Patti game is Okey Rummy App.

You must have also heard the name of Okey Rummy App many times because this application is liked by many teen Patti lovers. We thought why not give you information about Okey Rummy App so that you too can earn money with the help of this application.

So friends, if you also want to know about Okey Rummy App in detail and want to get new details related to this application, then read our article carefully till the end.

About Okey Rummy APK

Come friends, first we give you some basic information related to Okey Rummy App, then after that we will give you the detail information related to Okey Rummy App.

The first important thing about Okey Rummy App is that the login bonus in this application is ₹51. People are given a bonus of ₹ 51 for creating an account on Okey Rummy App with their mobile number. If we talk about the size of Okey Rummy App, then its size is very less only 23 MB.

You can avail all the latest features inside this application like Daily Bonus Login Bonus Weekly Bonus etc.

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How To Download Okey Rummy Apk

When Okey Rummy App is such an amazing application, why not download this application immediately. You will be able to download this application only when you know the right way to download Okey Rummy application.

  • First of all, we have to open any search browser of our phone.
  • After this we have to search the official website of Okey Rummy App there.
  • Inside the official website, you will find a button to download Okey Rummy App. Click on that button.
  • Clicking on this button will download Okey Rummy App.

How To Create Account In Okey Rummy APK

It is also an important question that how to create an account inside Okey Rummy App? The answer to your question is given below.

  • If you want to create your account in Okey Rummy App, then first you open Okey Rummy App.
  • You will be asked to create an account as soon as you open it. Click on the Create Account button.
  • After this, select the option with mobile number and enter your mobile number.
  • After entering the mobile number, you also enter the OTP. This OTP must have come on your same mobile number.
  • When you enter the OTP, you will see a successful message. In this way your registration will be complete in this application.

How To Add Money In Okey Rummy App

You have downloaded Okey Rummy App and created your account on this application. But friends, till now you have not known how to add money on Okey Rummy App.

  • If you want to add money inside Okey Rummy App, then for that you select the add money option.
  • After this, carefully fill all the information sought one by one. First of all, you have to add your mobile number, then the amount of money you want to add, then after that the bank details.
  • Finally, confirm the payment by clicking on the confirm payment button.
  • So friends, in this way we can easily add our money inside the Okey Rummy App.

How To Cash Withdrawal In Rummy Okey Rummy Apk

The method of withdrawing money inside the Okey Rummy App is even easier. To withdraw money, we just have to open the Okey Rummy App and select the option of withdrawing money on it.

  • After this, we have to enter the amount we want to withdraw and give the details of our bank account.
  • After giving this much information, you get to see some simple term and condition page. Read and agree to this term and condition.
  • After this there will be verification and if your information is found correct in the verification then immediately your payment will be transferred to your account.

Available Games In Okey Rummy App

Come on friends, now let us also know about the game always available on the application. On the application, you are being given only those games which give you the most bonus and the most entertainment. Although the number of games available on this application is only three, but still you will enjoy playing it.

  1. 3 Patti Game
  2. Point Rummy
  3. Fruit Dynasty

Invite Friends And Earn Unlimited Real Cash

There are also many people who do not want to add money on Okey Rummy App. For those people there is a special type of plan on Okey Rummy App which we know as Invite and Earn plan.

This is a plan in which we just have to invite our friends to download the Okey Rummy App and in return we get a lot of commission. Yes friends, you heard it right, if you invite a friend inside this application, then you get a live time bonus of about thirty percent along with a total commission of ₹ 50.

You can get the invite link by opening your Okey Rummy App and going to the Invite Friend option.

VIP Bonus Features In Okey Rummy APK

If you have played any Rummy game before then you would know that VIP plan of minimum ₹ 500 starts in every Ravi application. Okey Rummy App is the only application in which VIP plans start at a price of ₹30 only.

Friends, you are listening absolutely right, you can activate your VIP bonus by recharging only ₹ 30. If you activate the VIP plan, then you will start earning thousands of rupees in a month.

Recharge Offer’s In Okey Rummy App

If you want to earn money by playing game in this gaming application teen patti game horror. So all of you users need to add payment in this gaming application. For adding payment, you get a separate cashback bonus ranging from 5% to 30% in this gaming application. You can pay from ₹ 100 to ₹ 50000 in this application according to your budget. You get different cashback bonuses for adding different amounts.

Weekly Bonus Features In Okey Rummy App

Friends, as we have told you that in this application you get many features to earn money. That’s why in this gaming application you get weekly bonus features to earn money. Through Weekly Bonus Features, You Can Get Weekly Bonus From ₹500 To ₹100000 Every Week In This Application. Whatever bonus you get through the weekly bonus features, you can transfer that bonus directly to your bank account.

Is Okey Rummy App Safe

Till now millions of users are earning money by downloading Okey Rummy APK. Not only this, the most important thing about this rummy game application is that here you are getting time to time payment withdrawal. At the same time, you can earn lakhs of rupees by playing online Teen Patti game and Rummy game in this gaming application. Friends, this application has been verified by almost millions of users after its launch. So all of you users can download this gaming application in your smartphone to play teen patti game and us game.

Customer Service In Okey Rummy

Many of our friends would be interested to know about the customer service at Okey Rummy App. So friends, I would like to tell you that you get a customer care service inside the Okey Rummy App. No charge is taken from you for this customer care service. You can connect with customer care through live chatting by clicking on the help button.

Note: This game involves financial risk. You can get addicted to this game. So I request all of you users to play this game at your own responsibility and at your own risk. If you have any kind of financial loss while playing the game in this application, then you yourself will be responsible for it. In case of financial loss, you cannot make any claim against us, our team and the website owner.


In fact, the name of the amazing application that we told you about in this article today is Okey Rummy App. You can earn around ₹30000 in a month with the help of Okey Rummy App. We told you what is Okey Rummy App? How to download Okey Rummy App? How to create an account in Okey Rummy App?

I hope that you have understood all the information we have given you related to Okey Rummy App, now you need any information or if you have any confusion in your mind, then you should tell us immediately. Thank you very much for reading the article till the end Go to Download Page...

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