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Rummy Rollie APK

Rummy Rollie APK | Rummy Rollie APK | Rummy Rollie Game : Friends, I have once again come in front of you with the information of a brand new teen Patti game. Today in this article you will be given information about Rummy Rollie APK. Our today’s article is specially for the women of the house and the students studying. If you also want to earn money by doing a part time job while studying then Rummy Rollie APK can prove to be a good option for you.

Today millions of people use Rummy Rollie APK not only in our country but in almost all countries of the world. Due to the easy interface of this application, people of every category like it. With the help of this application, you can earn around ₹25000 in a month just sitting at your home using your mobile phone.

About “Rummy Rollie” Game APK

Rummy Rollie APK
Rummy Rollie APK

What is Rummy Rollie APK? How does Rummy Rollie APK work? To get all this information, you have to understand this application in detail.

First of all we will tell you that Rummy Rollie APK gives you ₹10 signup bonus. You get this ₹10 as a gift for creating your account inside this application. After this you will reach the home page of Rummy Rollie APK and you can earn a lot of money by playing all those games whichever game you see there.

The size of this game is 58 MB. If your phone’s RAM is 2GB or more then you can easily operate it. So inside we get to see about a dozen Rummy games. The other important thing about this application is that you also get a great customer support inside it.

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How To Download “Rummy Rollie” APK

Friends, it is quite obvious that you will also be very happy with the features of this application and you would like to download it on your phone. If you like the features of this application and you want to download it in your phone, then you do not have to do anything, just click on the link given below.

By clicking on the link given below, a new page will open in front of you in which you will see the download button. As soon as you click on this download button, this application will be completely downloaded in your phone.

Rummy Rollie Download

How To Register In “Rummy Rollie” App

Now we move on to the next paragraph of this application. In the next paragraph, we tell you how you have to register to get a free bonus of ₹ 10 inside this application?

  • The process of registration is very easy, you open this application after installing it.
  • After opening you will see normal 3 options. First you will get to see the option of mobile login, then guest login and then Facebook login.
  • Now after this you have to click on the option with mobile login.
  • You will see a page has been opened on your mobile screen. Here you will see a box in which you have to enter your mobile number.
  • Click on Next button and enter OTP.
  • Click on Verify OTP button.
  • Just friends, your work is done. In no time your OTP will be completely verified. You will also get a bonus of ₹ 10 immediately after the OTP is verified.

Available Game IN “Rummy Rollie” Game

Rummy Rollie APK
Rummy Rollie APK

Let’s take a look at the various games you can play inside Rummy Rollie APK. By the way, in all other teen Patti games, you get a lot of different types of Rummy games. But you do not get that much option inside this application. In Rummy Rollie APK you will find only a select few of your favorite Rummy games which are listed below.

  1. Points Rummy
  2. Pool Rummy
  3. 10 Cards Rummy
  4. Rapid Rummy
  5. Deals Rummy

How To Add Money In “Rollie Rummy” Apps

Friends, if you have downloaded this application in your phone, then do not delay, immediately open this application and add your money to it. If you are late in adding money then you will not get cashback.

You will be very happy to know that this application is giving you cashback of about 110 percent to 800 percent on adding money at this time. So do not delay, immediately take advantage of the opportunity by adding money inside this application.

  • To add money inside Rummy Rollie APK, you have to follow the same old process. First of all you have to open this application and go to add money option.
  • Now after this you will see a form will open on your mobile screen. Here you have to enter all the information carefully one by one.
  • In the next page, you have to enter the amount and the method of payment. For your convenience, you can choose either bank account or UPI option.
  • If you have selected a bank account, then enter the name of the bank, account number and if you have selected UPI ID, then enter your UPI ID.
  • Click on Pay option and your money will be added.

How To Withdrawal Money In “Rummy Rollie” Game

Withdrawal inside this application is even easier than adding money.

To withdraw, you just have to open the withdrawal page and enter the amount. After this you have to give your bank information and at last click on submit button. This application gives you the facility of fast withdrawal. You will get the money in your account within about 15 minutes.

Invite Friends And Earn Money IN “Rollie Rummy”

Rummy Rollie APK
Rummy Rollie APK

Friends, inside this application there is a wonderful option named Invite Friend. This option is for those people who are bored by earning money by playing the game. If you are bored of earning money by playing games and want to try something new, then you can use Invite Friend option for that. Through this option you can earn around ₹500 to ₹1000 a day. You do not have to do anything in this, only new people have to join Rummy Rollie APK.

You have to share the invite link of your application and download Rummy Rollie APK through that link in people’s phones. If this happens, you will get the benefit of ₹ 10 from one person. Along with this, you will also get a life time commission of 5%. In this way, if you download this application in the phone of 10 people in 1 day, then you will get a direct benefit of ₹100.

IS “Rummy Rollie” Gullak Option

Rummy Rollie APK
Rummy Rollie APK

This is also a favorite feature of Rummy Rollie APK. Usually if you play the game and lose on that game then you do not get any money. But if you play the game on the piggy bank option and lose, then you get some bonus. This bonus gets stored inside the piggy bank. You can withdraw it when ₹15 is in store.

VIP Monthly Bonus Cards IN “Rummy Rollie”

In this application for all of you, there is facility to earn good income every month through VIP Monthly Bonus Card. Here you get three different plans where you can invest money according to your budget and get good returns in return. If you have even a little money, then you can invest your money here and earn a little more income every month.

Here you have to invest ₹ 500 in the first plan, under which you get a return of ₹ 560 within 7 days. In the second plan, you have to invest ₹ 5000, under which you get a return of ₹ 5600 here within 30 days. In the third plan, you have to invest ₹ 10000, in return for which you get a return of ₹ 11000 within 30 days. In this way, according to your budget here, you can invest money in any plan and get good returns in return for it.

Customer Support

Friends, if you are facing any kind of inconvenience inside this application, then immediately click on the customer care button and contact the customer care officer. The customer care officer will solve your problem immediately.

Note : For the information of all of you, let me tell you that this game involves financial risk, if you are under 18 years of age, then you should not play this game because it is a kind of gambling game which you can get addicted to. If you want to earn money through this game, then you play the game with a lot of patience and responsibility, apart from this you should not do any kind of greed here.


Friends, that’s all for today. Today in this article we have explained to you about Rummy Rollie APK. We told you what is Rummy Rollie APK? How to download Rummy Rollie APK? How To Earn Money With Rummy Rollie APK? Hope you like Rummy Rollie APK and you will also use it. Stay connected with us so that you can get more such latest information. Thank you for reading this article of ours till the end. Go to Download Page...

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