Score Hero mod apk v2.51 (Unlimited Money + energy)

Score Hero mod apk v2.51 (Unlimited Money + energy)

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first touch games Ltd.
4.4 and up
2 Days Ago

Score Hero mod apk: If you are also fond of playing football, then our apk game of today is for you, which you like very much. Its name is Score!  Hero mod apk.This is a game that when playing, you will feel like you are playing this game in real life instead of playing it on mobile.Because Score! Hero mod app graphics and voice quality is absolutely realistic.

If you are someone who likes to play football very much but you stay busy all the time and do not know football in real life, then by playing this mod apk game you can experience this game better than real life.And by playing this game in real life like a team after winning the trophy, you can also win the trophy by playing this game and unlock many levels in Score! Hero pro apk, in which you need a lot for your player.Good things are found so that your player appears in a very beautiful look.

Score! Hero

Let us tell you that when you play this game, you win very easily in the beginning, because when you are at level 1, as the level of this game progresses, then this game is the same  At the base it gets hard, although there are levels around Total 720, which you have to clear.  

When you open this game, there is an option in it, in which you can select the player’s look and its dress, and you can also make your player look as you like.  Hair styles can also be seen and there are many faces available in which you can select and create your character. After selecting these, you will click on Next to fill your player’s name on it.  If you want, you can keep your name after your name or you can change it slightly.

What is a Score Hero Mod ?

Score!  Hero is a game which is a football game.  Call this game First Touch games Ltd.The company has created it as one of the game development companies. This game was uploaded on Google’s Playstore on 19 Nov 2015. The updated version of it was released on 23 July 2020.  A lot of downloads were received at the time and now by the coming 2020 game has been downloaded by 100M + logo. This game has got a very good rating on PlayStore which is 4.2 stars. It is also very smooth to play the game. You do not get to see any hanging problem in it.

This game will make you enjoy real life even in fake life. By opening it, you can also get a lot of information about football, which also increases the Rocky Knowledge. This Score!  hero pro apk can be very helpful for you when you are bored in your free time. You can play this game so that your time is cut very quickly.

You must know that by passing the ball to your team members in football, you have to reach that ball to the net so that you score.  In the same way, the team that scores more to the end wins the team.

Features of Score! Hero mod apk with Unlimited Money

If your Scoro Hero unlimited Money Know about mod apk, now we will tell you about some of its very good features. Let’s start without any problems.

720 Levels 

Score you!  Hero mod app game has 720 levels of counting, which you have to clear these levels, you will get to see many easy levels first, after that you will get more hard levels as you keep clearing these levels.The count of 720 levels is very high, so many levels are also seen in very few games.

3D Graphics and best animations

Like many of the best games, you get to see a lot of cool graphics in it, in which you also get to see 3D look.  Along with the graphics, your animations are also very good in this. This game is low mb and supports all mobiles, seeing this, its graphics are increased and decreased according to their graphics by seeing their specifications in all phones.

Customize character look

You must be told that when you like your favorite character in the game, then you like playing the game so you can make your character as you like, so that he likes you very much.In Score! Hero mod apk, you can also change the look of your player’s hair and face according to your mood. 

All this is given so that you can feel your character that you are playing that game in real.

Simple and very easy controls

In this game, you get to see a lot of controls. You can get them which you can play from your phone screen very easily. In very big games, such good controls are rarely seen and developers have changed their controls in this way.  Any users Score that is setup Hero pro can control apk very easily and enjoy this game to the fullest.

Mod features of Score! Hero apk

So far, we have told you about what this game is and what its features are. Now we are going to tell you about its mod features which are a bit advanced. So let’s start.

Ads and Advertisement

The special thing about this game is that you will not have any ads show in it because whenever you install the modded version of an apk, you do not get to see ads in it.

Sometimes you will also have to notice that you are playing a game and many times some ads come on your screen and cause you trouble.  

So if you do not like playing that game, then there is a solution that you should download the mod version of it, in which you will not show any ads.

Unlocked levels very easy

When you play a game, you do not clear any level from it, then you spend some money on it, which is wrong, if you want to save money, then you install the mod version because whenever you have someone in it  If you have to unlock the level then you can do it very easily and you will not have to pay any money for it.

Additional Information Score Hero mod apk

By the way, everyone likes to play score games and I also like to play score games very much, this game has been made for all of them. in this game, you get a real and amazing experience. many people give good reviews about this game on the google play store.

If you a real score game lover. so once try this game. if you are not a score game lover then please one time play this game your thinking will change about this game when you play this game.

Public Comments

Kushagra Mutha

SCORE HERO!!!!!!!! This is the best game I had ever played Best score hero game.. In this review I will describe all the things it has It has a lot of good stylish players The only thing I did not liked that it has only 20 lives but no probs…. . It has a lot of good stylish coloured boots hair style n…


I love this game! There are sometimes though where I will pass the ball to a player and he will just run in a straight Line off the pitch for no reason and I lose a life. Other than that this game is really good and actually challenging!

Abdul Ganiu Sumaila

Very addictive and entertaining game. This is a good game with good graphics. Keep up with the good work . My only problem is the time for refilling your energy, is too long. So please, if you can reduce it, do it because it annoys me a lot.


I think you would like this article of ours. You must also download and play this game. 

You can play it in your free time. You can share this game with your family members and with your family members.  

If you have anything to ask about this problem, then you can tell us by writing in the comment box below.

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