Servicely to control your phone pro apk Download

Servicely to control your phone pro apk Download

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Servicely to control your phone pro apk :- Servicely to control your phone: This is an android application which is available on google playstore. The price of this app on playstore is from ₹75 to ₹1,100 rupees. Although everyone wants to download this app for free, then let us tell you that this android apk is available free on our website Today we will learn about this app in our article.

This app runs on android 6.0 and above android version phone, however this app will not run in android mobile below version 6.0.

This app is used to save the battery of android phone. By doing this, we can run our battery till its root time.

What is Servicely to control your phone pro apk?

This is a battery saver app, the main reason for this is to save the battery of Android phone and keep that battery running for longer time. To use this app your phone needs to be rooted (otherwise this android app will not work in your phone).But we will not ask you to root your phone because rooting ends the warranty of your phone and if your phone goes bad then the service center will not fix it.

Servicely to control your phone pro apk

When we keep the android phone, we close all the apps in it, but lightly 50% of them end the battery of the phone even after the app is closed.You also sometimes get to see that if you keep all the app in the phone close, then even after our phone battery runs out, it shows that when we close all the app in our phone then Even in our phones, 50% of our apps are active in the phone, which keeps the cost of our phone batteries running out.It is also visible that we cut all the app in our phone and go to sleep at night and when we wake up in the morning, about 10 to 15% of the battery is exhausted, which shows that there is some app in our phone which screen Remains active even after off.By using this app, we can close those active apps in our android phone. And we can save our phone battery. This app closes all those active apps after screen off so that the battery is saved and our battery is not exhausted.

This android app is made by the Francisco Franco company. The Francisco Franco company has made this app only useable on rooted phones. We have already told you that this android app is available in money on playstore, but in our website, we are giving you the pro version of this app for free. You can download this app from the link given below. Let us know about some of its important features.

Details of Servicely to control your phone pro apk

Servicely to control your phone pro apk

Apk name Servicely to control your phone pro apk
Update June 2020
Developer Francisco Franco
Download 100k+

Features of Servicely to control your phone pro apk

  • With its help, you can use your android phone battery for more time. And can also charge quickly.
  • With this help, you can close all the active apps in your phone, which saves a lot of battery.
  • This app shows us all the information that is charging from the vault while charging the phone in the notification bar.
  • We can make our phone even faster with the help of this app, it also helps in cleaning memory. So that the speed of running the phone is also fast.
  • With the help of this app, we used to charge our battery at 1:30 hours, it can be fully charged only for 1 hour.

Download Servicely Pro apk

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How to download and install

  1. Open the internal storage on your phone and go to the Download folder. Find the file you just downloaded from the browser. Click on the .apk file.
  2. If there you see a settings button and asking for Unknown Sources Install permission, click on it. Then give access.
  3. You can install the apk on your device.
  4. enjoy this apk.

Here is a screenshot and video


Servicely to control your phone pro apk


Servicely to control your phone pro apk is safe

yes, this is totally safe. many user use this apk

Servicely pro apk is for rooted device

No, This apk is ready to run on rooted and no rooted


Public review

Tony K.

The best service/app management app available. The dev is one of the best I’ve seen around the Android scene. Can I make a feature request for a backup and restore option for all services and apps disabled? Would be very handy for flashaholics like me! Keep up the awesome work.


First I didn’t know you needed a rooted phone to do this and I download but when I download the owner gave me a message saying sorry and he mentioned in the description you need a rooted phone so even though I have never tried I appreciate honesty in the developer other apps won’t tell you and give …
Mswati Masina
Wow this really exceeded my expectations. I’m not throwing shade on my other apps yet what I’m saying is that I only began seeing the difference after installing this app. I have Greenify and Kernel Auditor which are both great yet for my phone I wasn’t getting signifant results as my phone would ma..

Last words

Hello guys, If you are like this article please share it with your friends and family members. this is the one and best battery saver of any android mobile and its is available for rooted and non-rooted device.

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