Unicorn Runner 3D v1.3.1 Mod Apk – Running & Racing Magic Game (unlocked)

Unicorn Runner 3D v1.3.1 Mod Apk – Running & Racing Magic Game (unlocked)

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Today we have come back once again with a very funny game which is named Unicorn Runner Mod 3D Mod – Running & Racing Magic Game You know that all mobile phone users love to play games on their phones.  So we have brought a game for you, you can play it in your free time, it is clear from the name of this game that this game is a racing game in which there is a Unicorn Runner mod apk and it remains Bhagat and turns around  It remains to control this unicorn and collect points. Which is found on your run time road, this game resembles a game whose game is …. but you know that our mobile users become boor very quickly from the graphics and look of a game, seeing that today we have  You have been told about this game, although this game is exactly like subway surfer  but in it also the character is changed and look completely changed.

Everyone thinks that they need a game that takes up very little space and opens up in your phone very quickly, although there are many such games available, but the best of them is the apk unicorn runner 3d apk.  In this, you get to see a baby unicorn as its character, which looks very good, when you collect many coins in this game, then you have many characters in it which are in the form of animals. You can also unlock by leveling up.

Many people have a phone with very less space and less ram, they always think that no game will play in their phone, but it is wrong that you can Unicorn Runner mod apk the game in your less space and less ram phone.  You can play by installing in And you also get to see very good graphics in this game.

Whenever you are sitting free, you can play this game, this will pass your time very quickly.  Many people entertain themselves by playing more games, they can play this game, you do not have to pay any charge to play this game and you can find it very easily on Google.  This game is designed to keep the users in mind so that it can easily manage and enjoy the game.

What is Unicorn Runner 3d Mod – Running & Racing Magic?

So far, we have learned about this game, what it is and how it runs, we have told you a little bit above, now let’s know whether it is actually an android mobile game developed by SOCEM company, SOCEM is A gaming company that makes many games, its made games are not much bigger, you can easily install those games in any Android phone, this game was uploaded by Google on Google Playstore on 24 jan 2019 by SOCEM company  Due to which the game has got very good downloads which is 10M +, the rating of this game is also very good which is 4.3. The new version of this game which is running now is 4.2.

Unicorn Runner 2020

If we say different and small things then it is an Android mobile game.  Which is just like a racing game, let’s know that this is a case game and how it runs and what are the special things, let’s start in it.  It is exactly like the same subway surfer game. One of the motives of making this game was that when the subway surfer game came in the market, it became very famous within a few days of its arrival.  And you all know that there is a game, people become bored from its graphics and from its view, then this game was brought to the market on the same bases that in this developer has brought its look very amazing.  Which you will not bore quickly.

In this game you get to see a unicorn 3d mod apk as your player or character, however, you can open any character you like by playing this game and collecting lots of coins in it.  In this, you have the ability to see many coins on the road, which you have to collect while running. In this, you get a small and big buggy of the train for the blockage, which you have to avoid by moving from side to side or climbing on top of it.  In this, you also get a box, in which you get to see many prizes. In this, you also get to see a space booster, with the help of which you fly in the sky and collect coins in the sky. As soon as you are caught in this game or the end of this game, you get the coins collected and go to your side with coins.

Details of Unicorn Runner 3d

Features of Unicorn Runner 3d mod apk 

Unlock Unicorn characters

By playing this game you can open many characters in it and its best character is the Magical Unicorn, which is a very good character, this character is very liked by the gamer, in this you can select it and control it very well.  You can play it by running, slide and jumping and collect lots of coins in it.

Collect coins & heart to unlocks missions

By playing this game, you can collect many coins and in the middle of the coins you also get to see the hearts, they also have to collect exactly like coins so that you can unlock many levels and automatically  Can be upgraded.

Free updates & add new characters

In this, you get to see the time updates which are updated absolutely free, sometimes you get some new characters during the update.  By the way, you get to see many characters in it, which you collect coins and unlock them, but it also has some characters that add Developer.

Amazings HD Graphics 

We all know that the game for which the graphics are good, we must download and play that game once, then let us know that you get to see very good graphics in this game so that you can see everything in it in HD.  It seems that people like this game a lot. It is also a special thing that it is a very low space game in which you get to see HD graphics.

Download of Unicorn Runner Apk Mod 

How to download and install

After you download Unicorn Runner mod APK on your device

  • Open the internal storage and then Download the folder. Find the file you just downloaded from the browser. Click on the .apk file or try to open.
  • If there you see a settings button and ask for Unknown Sources Install permission, click on it. Then give access.
  • you can install the Apk on your device.
  • enjoy

My personal experience with Unicorn Runner mod

If I talk about how much I like this game, then it will be a little difficult to tell because I like this song very much. I play this game very much in my free time. I like playing this game a lot.  is. This game. I have been playing for the last few months. I like everything about this game very much, its graphics are also very good so that we get to see the HD view. I had a game like this long ago when I took my phone, I do not remember that game yet, it is absolutely like this game, so I enjoy playing this game too.

Screenshot of Unicorn Runner 3d 2020

Unicorn Runner 2020

Public review

Holly Brownrigg

It is such a fun game with a lot of great things to jump over and crawl. You can not play with friends. But you can go on train tracks or the snow. Everybody should be greatfull and happy when they have been allowed to have it.


Dr Ritu Vaidya

I love this game. Free time pass is happening and me and my sister are seeing everything it’s excellent,funny and I like it so much in lockdown it is the perfect game

Randy Lovegrove

I love this game you need to try it out that jumping and the running are my favorite part don’t get hit by a train the part not fun when you get hit by a train you be alive but it’s fun no matter what you said

Chola kant Kandel

It is wonderful and interesting game.I love it very much but when I was going to download this game I saw unicorn 2020 but when I start this game I saw unicorn 2019.this is a very nice game so,I had rated it all five stars.

Last word 

Today we told you about a very fun game, you can download and play this game, it is very good to play this game, this game will not even hang. You can also share this game with your family members so that  You can also enjoy this game. We will keep you coming with such articles even further. If you have some confirmation, then you can tell by writing in the comment box below that our team is available 24 * 7 for your help.  .

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